Sunday Duties

Deputy Warden's Duties

  1. Ensure main doors are left open from 9:30 am to allow air to circulate in building.
  2. Ensure that hand sanitizers are available:
    1. at the entrance to the toilet,
    2. at the main entrance, and
    3. at the entrance to church.
  3. Ensure that Register sheets are available, and someone is there to fill in names.
  4. Ensure that there are soap and hand towels in the toilet.
  5. Ensure that no more than 75 people enter the church.
  6. Encourage people not to mingle in church, but rather in the Community Room, after the service.

Sidesperson's Duties

  1. Please discretely guide people to their seats:
    1. Fill up the nave from the front;
    2. Single people sit on the inside, so that they can share a pew, socially distanced, with another single person;
    3. People should not sit immediately behind each other in the pews;
    4. Large groups should not be adjacent to each other;
  2. There will no Collection during the service, but people can make donations as they enter or leave the church.