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Starting Out

Christ calls all Christians to serve where they are. Christ equips us all to serve in our own unique way. Each of our ministries is vital in building up the body of Christ: in strengthening the church.

As a parish, we take this seriously, and therefore we hope to offer information on this page about:

At the moment, people volunteer for work in the parish in a number of different ways.

On a Sunday Morning, there are:

During the week, people:

Getting Involved

At the moment we are recruiting for new Servers (of Junior School Age) and Crucifers (of Secondary School Age) to assist on the altar. There will be another training session in December of January for all who are interested.

Further details will be appearing here about other ways you can get involved: watch this space!

Of course, if you are interesting in getting involved, and don't know how to start, please talk to Nick.