Renewal of Marriage Vows

"Many waters cannot quench love;
neither can the floods drown it."

The Service for the "Renewal of Marriage Vows" is also known as "Thankgiving for Marriage". It is often used when a couple wants to reaffirm their commitment to each other. It is a very flexible service that can be used in a range of very different ways.

It celebrates the enduring love between the couple within the enduring love of God for all of us. It sounds a note of thanksgiving for the enduring quality of that love.

It can take place on an anniversary. It is sometimes celebrated by couples who were previously married at St. Paul's, and who would like to return to the place where they were married to renew their vows. But it could just as easily be celebrated by couples who have no connection with St. Paul's!

It can take place after a time of difficulty in marriage - sometimes after a time of separation.

It can take place at home or in church.

It can easily be combined with another service, such as Holy Communion or Morning Prayer. This could be as a part of the main Sunday service at 10 am, or on a Saturday, or at another time.

It can be attended by just the couple concerned, or by a large number.

A new ring, or new rings, may be blessed by the minister and exchanged by the couple.

What does the service involve?

Here is a link to the text for the order of service for Thankgsiving for Marriage (Renewal of Marriage Vows) from the Church of England Website.

Follow these links for Readings and Psalms and Canticles that could be used at the Service.


You are welcome to choose hymns for your service, whether modern or traditional:

Here is a link to some ideas for Hymns.

These would be suitable for a "Thanksgiving" as well as for a Marriage.

If you are choosing hymns, you would do well to check that your guests also know them!

How much does the service cost?

There are set charges for "extras", if they are required, like the organist, a choir, a verger, and service sheets.

However we would ask you to make a donation for the cost of the service itself.