Minister's Notes: Morning Prayer

Before the Service

  • We may or may not have a choir, but they no longer process in as per the Order of Service.
  • Ensure that the altar-lectern is under the credence table.
  • 9:30 am Opening the church by you or others - whoever gets there first.
  • Switch on the sound system.
  • Microphones are on the desk. Please attach one to you, centrally to your chest if possible. Assistant is for people with quieter voices than Minister
  • The Collect and Readings should be on the table in the vestry. Feel free to take the Collect in, but do make sure the readings are on the Lectern.
  • The president usually sits on the right hand presidential chair as you face the congregation,
  • If you are playing the music, try to start it so that it finishes at 10:00 am.
  • I generally discretely slip in during the music before the service, and prepare myself for the service while the music is playing.

During the Service

  • Hymns Please announce the hymns, and ask people to stand. They will be played on the TV and through the speaker.
  • Stage Directions I generally encourage people to follow the stage directions themselves (e.g. sit / standing) rather than have them wait for me to announce them.
  • The Psalm We generally sit for the Psalm.
  • The Gospel is usually read from the lectern.
  • Sermon: You are welcome to preach from where you like. I generally stand at the front. Others use the lectern. The pulpit is not normally used. There is a portable lectern available.
  • The Intercessions I generally introduce them with one of:
    • "Let us pray for the church and for the world, and let us give thanks for God's goodness"
    • "In peace let us pray"
    • "By the power of the Spirit, and in union with Christ, let us pray to the Father." or
    • "We sit or kneel to pray"
  • The Peace We usually have a static "sign" of peace, which could be waving to each other, or a BSL sign of peace, or anything appropriate for the day.
  • Collection There is only a retiring collection at the moment: not during the hymn before the prayers.
  • The Notices Auriel will be happy to do the Notices.
  • The Dismissal Please leave after the dismissal while the "going out music" is played. At St. Paul's, people generally remain seated to listen to the music.

After the Service

  • I generally catch the early leavers at the exit, or just outside, then go in for tea and coffee afterwards, and mingle. . .
  • Ensure that the audio system power is turned off - but not the chargers for the microphones.