(Goals, objectives and completed tasks)

These goals are those on the Mission Community Mission Action Plan.


Encouraging & incorporating Global Majority background congregation members

  • 1 on reading rota
  • 1 acting as Eucharistic Assistant
  • 1 is now school governor
  • 1 helping with technology on Sunday morning.

Offering and developing All-Age Services

  • a new slot has been put in the church diary to make clear whether each service is All Age, Parade, or Sunday School.


Building up the Sunday School / Children's Work and leaders

  • we are looking to organise joint training for Sunday School leaders across the Mission Community.

Supporting people into other roles / ministries in the church

  • 3 new people on the readers rota
  • 2 new people have learnt to do technology on a Sunday morning
  • new crockery has been bought for servers.
  • We have 2 new Eucharistic Assistants.
  • a request for people to sign up has been made (1 person interested so far)

Confirmation Classes

  • 6 people have attended Confirmation Classes from St. Paul's on Zoom. 3 were confirmed.

Servers' Training

Seasonal / Weekly discipleship Bible study groups

Visiting Care Homes

  • Regular visits from Nick and Megan continue.
  • use of IT/youtube to enrich services in care homes.

End of Life Care for the dying


Support for local community groups

  • More robust and financially viable hiring policy implemented
  • New weekly meeting for Roma Church
  • Guides continues.
  • HAF holiday club to run four days a week for four weeks over Summer Holiday

Monthly / Weekly Drop in for Community

  1. Coffee Morning
    • Rotas have been set up.
    • Decision made to continue.
  2. Pop In
  3. Stitch & Share

School Governance & Collective Worship

  • 1 new school governor
  • 1 new person now conducts school assemblies
  • use of IT/youtube to resource assemblies.

Resourcing the church building to serve the community

  • The PCC has agreed to move money from the Organ Fund to the Fabric Fund.
  • Nick has had a conversation with Early Years about a possible partnership.
  • A reorder being considered to allow more community use.

Moving Forward with Eco-Church

  • St. Paul's has acheived the Bronze Award.
  • Energy Footprint Tool 2022 has been completed.
  • St. Paul's has committed to reducing CO2 emissions by 10% each year from the 2022 base.
  • Saddleworth Heating contacted about installing TRVs for the Vestry radiators.
  • Consider Land; Prayer & Worship; Buildings; Prayer & Teaching, Lifestyle at PCC Meetings.

Welcoming members of the Community

  • Pop In, Stitch & Share, Coffee Mornings continue.

We believe:

  • that a church should be a place where the generous, forgiving love of God in Christ is made real in practical ways.
  • that a church should be a community that welcomes all people whatever their age, situation, or background.
  • that a church should dedicate itself to the worship of Almighty God, using all the richness and variety of resources that God has given us.
  • that we are not there yet - but by the grace of God, this is what we hope to become.
  • that a church should work, alone and with others, for good in its community, and in the world: for justice, for a better quality of life, for stronger communities.
  • that a church is not just a virtual community, but a real, physical community. We hope that this website will enrich our life as a church, and offer you ways to take part in it - or just provide you with resources to help you deepen your faith.
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