Whit Walks

In recent years, we have walked with St. Thomas' Werneth. Here are some of the photos from some of the years we have walked together.


St. Paul's church on the Whit Walks 1985?

Can you help us get more information about this photo? The information below may or may not be correct. If you can correct us, or provide more information, please let us know.

We think the date of this photo is (roughly) 1985.

Muriel Scholes and Sam Shuttleworth are the wardens.

Howard Sutcliffe (holding we think a young Aaron) was vicar.

Jim Armistead (and we think his wife Dorothy is behind Muriel).

Ken Everington, Harold Quarmby (David's father and Phil's brother) and Hilda Stapleton are all there but sadly no longer with us.

Jill, Eric, Muriel's son Michael (the ginger one on the banner), Carol and her daughter are also there.


St. Thomas' church on the Whit Walks 2010

On Sunday 23rd May, 2010, St Paul's Church, together with St Thomas' Werneth, held their annual Whit Walk through parts of both parishes.

With beautiful weather, and accompanied by Greenfield Band, the procession started from St Paul's, with the walk initially being led by the banner of St Paul's and their choir resplendent in their new blue robes. The rest of the members of St Paul's followed, themselves followed by the banner and members of St Thomas'. The walk proceeded down Ashton Rd, turned right into Schofield St, then across Copsterhill Rd into Windsor Rd, to then stop at Coppice Nursing Home. Here several of the residents came out and a service was led by Reverend Andrew Dawson of St Thomas', with a couple of hymns, a reading, and Intercessions.

When the procession restarted and for the rest of the walk, St Thomas' banner and congregation led, first of all going up the steep hill and stopping for another hymn in the grounds of St Thomas' Church.

The procession then made its way back to Ashton Rd via Lees St and Copsterhill, and reached the final stop at Boston House, where again residents came out to join in as further hymns were sung and Andrew Dawson finished the service with prayers. Soft drinks were provided by the Home, and coffee and biscuits provided in St Paul's meeting room.

The walk was enjoyed by all who took part, and also by many residents of the parishes who came out to greet the walkers as they passed by their homes.


A photograph of St. Paul's and St. Thomas' outside St. Thomas' church on the Whit Walks 2013

A photo of the two churches outside St. Thomas' Church.

Again we were lucky with the weather - and we celebrated the Feast of Pentecost, the gift of the Holy Spirit, with our walk around the two parishes, accompanied superbly by Greenfield Band, and our service at Coppice Nursing Home, Werneth.