St. Paul's organ was built by Ernest Wadsworth of Manchester in 1919. In 1949 it was rebuilt with new casework and tonal additions by Rushworth and Dreaper of Liverpool.

The organ is "listed" at Grade II: "An unusually conservative and well-maintained instrument of local significance built by Wadsworth in 1919 as the firm ceased to produce new organs. It is therefore listed in the Institute's Register of Historic Pipe Organs as being an instrument of importance to the national heritage and one deserving careful preservation for the benefit of future generations."

War Memorial

St. Paul's organ is also a War Memorial.

It organ was built as part of a memorial to the fallen of World War One. It was rebuilt, with new panelling: a carved war memorial/role of honour, remembering those who lost their lives in the Second World War.

The organ has an entry in the Imperial War Museum's Register of War Memorials.