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Information will appear in this section about the history of the church and parish and local area.

At the moment we have sections for
Registers and Archives
Evolution History
the Organ
the East Window
Peter Hardman and
The Stained Glass in Church.

Please note that the East Window and the Organ are both War Memorials.

Spot the Difference

Many thanks to Muriel Scholes for letting us have a copy of this picture, of St. Paul's Sanctuary, taken in the 1950s.

At first sight, it seems that nothing has changed.

But after a closer look, you can see that the church is much more ornate. Are they stripes I see on the arches? That's quite a design behind the lectern! And the walls of the sanctuary are very well-decorated.

A Picture of A picture of St. Paul's in the 1950s


The church has a brief listing in Lancashire: Manchester And The South-East by Clare Hartwell, Matthew Hyde, and Nikolaus Pevsner (Yale University Press, 2004) on page 547:

ST PAUL, Ashton Road, Hathershaw. 1879-80 by Wild & Collins. The w end has tall cusped lancets. Clerestory with roundels incorporating alternating quatrefoil, S-shape and star motifs. Low aisles with paired lancets. Unexecuted sw tower.

War Memorials

The church contains two items listed at the UK National Inventory of War Memorials:

A World War I Memorial (two brass plaques); and

A World War II Memorial (a wooden board).