Going further in Christian Ministry

Foundations for Ministry

"Foundations for Ministry is a part-time lay training course run by the diocese to help you find and grow in the ministry to which God is calling you. It is suitable for anyone who wants to serve God in the church and in the world. "

This course would be a good starting point for anyone who is interested in serving Christ more effectively in and through their local congregation. More details are available here.

Authorised Lay Ministry

"Authorised Lay Ministers share in the public ministry of the local church, as they serve their local parishes. ALM ministry takes many different forms depending upon the parish base, but in general ALMs lead or establish a team of people working in an area of ministry and they also work to encourage and develop the gifts of others."

As a Parish we are committed to encouraging people to come forward for training as Authorised Lay Ministers, and to work within a particular area of the church's ministry. More information can be found here or here.

Children's Ministry

The Diocese offers many opportunities for training in children's work

Reader Ministry

Readers are men and women from diverse backgrounds, who are not ordained, and who have been authorised by the Church to teach, preach, lead worship, or give pastoral care.

Readers are authorised and trained by the Diocese.

More details can be found on the Manchester Diocesan page of Resources for Readers.

You can also find more information at the pages about Reader Ministry at All Saints Centre for Mission and Ministry which runs the Training Course for the Diocese.

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