Where do I fit in?

We believe that every member of the church is called to serve God with their unique gifts and personality - and that they can do this within the church as well as outside it.

We believe that discovering what we have to offer as individuals takes time. The journey can take a lifetime. The important thing is to start, and then see what happens.

So we encourage as many people as possible to get involved in different ways in the life and ministry of the parish, whether you are just starting out, want to take things further, interested in Authorised Lay Ministry, or wish to discern a calling to ordained ministry.

Encouraging people to develop their own ministry within that of the church is crucial to the flourishing of the life of the Church as Christ's body in the world. It is given particular focus given that St. Paul's will shortly be sharing a full-time minister with St. Thomas'. More ministry will fall to congregation members as there will be less clergy time to go round. We firmly believe that this is an opportunity as well as a challenge. You can find out more about this here

You can find many church rotas on the rota page.

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