Raise money for St. Paul's - at no cost to you!

Many commercial websites will pay a commission to the church if you got to their website by clicking a link from here. The Parish will put any money raised this way into the Heating Fund. Items will not cost you any more.

We don't want to encourage you to spend money online. But if you are planning to buy something online, we do encourage you to use our links, so that the parish can benefit!

Do let others have a link to this page if you think they might be interested in taking part.

Please scroll down to the statements that describe you:

"I buy things from a range of websites online."

You can raise money for the Heating Fund when you shop at a large number of online retailers - from Air Travel to Insurance to second hand books - and everything in between. The schemes will pay 1%, 2% or some even 15% to the church on every purchase made.

The process is simple:

First you complete a very simple registration form. This is so that you can be identified and sent a confirmation email whenever you buy anything under the scheme.

Second, you download an extension for your browser that lets you know when you have navigated to a website that is part of the scheme, and tells you what percentage of any purchase will go to the Parish.

There are two schemes, which cover a broad selection of retailers. The amount of commission they pay varies slightly from retailer to retailer. The Heating Fund will get 1%, 2%, or even up to 15% from every transaction you make. is Once you have signed up, get the "Find and Remind" extension for your web browser.

The other is Give as you Live To register, click on the link. On the next page, hold your mouse over "Give now", and then click on the blue "Give as you Live" box. This will open a dialogue box which asks for your details.

You could of course choose instead to support a different Charity through, for example: Christian Aid, or Oxfam.

Please note that "Easy Fund Raising" and "Give As You Earn" are private companies which make a profit by taking a cut of any commission offerred by the online retailer. Since there is no extra cost either to the parish or the individual when the links are used, it makes sense to use their services. The potential for earning commission at a wide range of websites makes it an attractive option.

Compared to EasyFundrasing, Give As You Live has slightly simpler website to operate, and a simpler downloadable extension. Both send you an email whenever you've made a participating purchase.

"I mainly buy things at"

If you use the direct link to, St. Paul's Heating Fund will get at least 5% from every transaction. But note that there are one or two exceptions. While there is NO maximum fee on items in Books, Music, Amazon MP3 Products, DVD, Javari Products, there IS a maximum of £7 on other items. Items already in your basket or wish list may not be included. Products from 3rd party merchants are also included.

The best way of using the link is to bookmark the amazon page that opens in your web browser. Then when you use the bookmark, you'll automatically be using the correct link. Then when you add something to your basket and purchase it in the same session, the Heating Fund will gain the commission.

Please note that if you are buying from, the Heating Fund will get more commission if you use the Amazon link, but you may prefer to use the easyfundraising link.

By 8th March, the amazon link had raised £4.32 for the Parish Heating Fund; EasyFundraising £36.81; and Give As You Live had raised £3.81.

"I would be interested in raising money for the church when I use a Search Engine."

St Paul - Oldham at Did you know that by using easysearch or everyclick instead of Google, Yahoo, Bing or another online Search Engine, .5p per search will be donated to the Parish Heating Fund, at no cost to you. Try them, see if they could work for you, and maybe make one of them the homepage in your browser! You can access them by clicking the links in this paragraph. St Paul - Oldham at

You have to sign up first at before you can start earning money for the parish.

If you decide to use this search engine, we suggest you bookmark it, and make it your home page in your web browser!

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