Eco Church

This page is about how we can be more enviromentally-friendly as a church, and protect this planet that God has given to us all to enjoy.

St. Paul's, Oldham, has been awarded the Bronze Eco-Church Certificate.

Bronze Eco Church Certificate
  • The PCC has committed to reducing the Parish's Carbon Footprint by 10% year on year, using the 2022 figure as a baseline.
  • The PCC has committed to looking at each area of the EcoChurch Audit over the coming year.

Energy Footprint Tool 2022

Here is our graphic for the energy footprint tool:

Energy Footprint Tool Result

A comparison with last year is hard to make, given that in 2021 the building was closed for a large part of the year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Carbon Footprint Had you thought of measuring your carbon footprint - your impact on global heating? Climate Hero is a useful all-age tool for doing so!