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Authorised Lay Ministry

"Authorised Lay Ministers share in the public ministry of the local church, as they serve their local parishes. ALM ministry takes many different forms depending upon the parish base, but in general ALMs lead or establish a team of people working in an area of ministry and they also work to encourage and develop the gifts of others."

As a Parish we are committed to encouraging people to come forward for training as Authorised Lay Ministers, and to work within a particular area of the church's ministry. More information can be found here.

We are delighted to have four Authorised Lay Ministers (ALMs) in training at St. Paul's; and one at St. Thomas'.

Public Worship

We have two ALMs authorised to lead Public Worship at St. Paul's. And one at St. Thomas'.

They will be involved in (a) leading Morning Prayer; (b) giving talks at Morning Prayer; (c) encouraging others to get involved in leading public worship.

You can download the role description.


More information will appear here.