Mission Action Plan

You could think of these as our "Aims & Objectives" or as our Priorites for Mission and Action. This Mission Action Plan is in the process of revision and update.

  • things we have done to complete this aim
  • things we plan to do to complete this aim [the person / group responsible]

A    To support people in growing into more engaged worship of Almighty God.

  1. Review Church Social Events
    • ask people what events they would like; including something for children and famlies; [SOCIAL COMMITTEE]
    • To put on a broader range of social activities, to attract a broader range of people; [SOCIAL COMMITTEE]
    • Alexander Park Walks & Picnics (2017, 2018); Remembrance in Story and Song (2017); Auction of Promises (2018); Race Night (2018).
    • invite people to give ideas in sermon, magazine, pewsheet and suggestion boxs. [NICK]
  2. To develop a supervised soft play area during church services, catering for the needs of children who can not yet attend Sunday School.
    Encourage children to join the choir (KS2 upwards), with 6 months' probation period, initially for All Age and Parade Services, and after peace at Holy Communion when Sunday school are in church.
    • find royal blue girdles [NICK]
    • investigate six new servers robes [COLIN, JILL]
    • arrange purchase [NICK]
  3. Engaging pre-Sunday School age children
    • Make draw string bags for pre-Sunday School children to use in their pews, kept on hooks, given out by Sidespeople and returned to hooks afterwards. [ANDREA, SIDESPEOPLE]
  4. To restore the organ, and appoint an organist to support the choir's growth.
    • £42,000 raised so far in donations and grants; Organ now has Grade II BIOS "listing"; Volunteers found to show instrument to local schools
    • Heritage Lottery Fund application [NICK]
    • Viridor Application [NICK]
  5. To provide services and music that match the congregation's diversity (of age, background, etc) with a diversity of styles of music; a diversity of presentation (including the use of screens to enrich worship) and diverse times and types of services;
    • new, and different music has gradually appeared in the Morning Prayer sheets
    • a new Ordinary Time Holy Communion book has been produced but needs to be revised [NICK]
  6. To help new, and newer, people into more active roles and ministries in church.
    • 2 new sidespeople; 3 coffee people; 2 readers; 1 interceder; 2 eucharistic assistants
    • interceders
  7. To run a Stewardship campaign, focusing on Skills as well as Money.
    • Invite Diocesan Stewardship Officer to a meeting [JANET]
    • Work out our next step [PCC]
  8. To set up a "Welcome" task group [NICK]
  9. To encourage new members onto the PCC
    • elected members must now take a year off after serving for a 3 year term; a Treasurer and Secretary can be co-opted).
    • encourage new members, and support them in getting involved
  10. To trial an evening service, for a year, aiming at children and families, especially those who work on a Sunday morning.
    • All Souls: no child / family attendance
  11. To Work through the "From Evidence to Action Toolkit" to revise the Mission Action Plan, and to encourage Church Growth.
    • Sessions: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

B    To make greater use of our visible and invisible assets in the service of our neighbour.

  1. to improve our publicity
    • develop a logo that represents the church, requesting input in a competition from magazine, pewsheet, etc. [NICK, ADRIENNE]
    • more and better publicity.
    • use Give As You Live more effectively; more prominent links [NICK].
    • use the list of those who have given consent to contact them.
  2. to improve the church grounds
    • fence in the paved area to create a space that can be used by church and community groups; and to reduce anti-social behaviour in the church grounds. [NICK]
    • enhance our offering of the front of the church as a community garden by (a) installing a new bin; (b) sorting the ground at the bottom of fire-escape steps; (c) tidying the steps down to Broadway Street. [NICK]
  3. invest in the Community Room and activities that take place there for (a) community engagement and service; (b) viability.
    • new community room doors [NICK]
    • consultation to establish parameters for the way forward [NICK]
    • engage an architect for ideas [NICK]. Millstone or Springboard?
  4. Find a new regular volunteer for Pop In.
  5. encourage the development of the shop: more volunteers so we can increase opening times; better publicity.
    • Advert on pewsheet: no response
    • publicity requires a church logo
  6. Think through the Notice boards in the Community Room.
  7. Organise an auction of promises

C    To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth

  1. Work towards the Eco Church Awards (with actions)
    • Worship & Teaching - SILVER (1) Commitment to seek EcoChurch Awards
    • Buildings - BRONZE (1) LED & Low energy lighting throughout Worship Area; (2) Double Glazing in Vestry and Main Church not applicable due to best practices for stained glass; (3) Motion sensors in Ladies and Gents. (4) Motion sensors in Disabled Toilet; (5) LED lighting in Vicar's Vestry
    • Land
    • Community & Global
    • Lifestyle Toilet Twinning

D    To develop effective working relationships with partners in Mission and Ministry:

  1. MISSION PARTNERSHIP (St. Thomas, Werneth); and
    MISSION UNIT (Holy Trinity, Coldhurst; St. Stephen and All Martyrs, Oldham; St. Mary with St. Peter, Oldham).
  2. St. Martin's School and other local schools;
  3. groups and individuals in the local community whatever their culture, religion, or age.

We believe

  • that a church should be a place where the generous, forgiving love of God in Christ is made real in practical ways.
  • that a church should be a community that welcomes all people whatever their age, situation, or background.
  • that a church should dedicate itself to the worship of Almighty God, using all the richness and variety of resources that God has given us.
  • that we are not there yet - but by the grace of God, this is what we hope to become.
  • that a church should work, alone and with others, for good in its community, and in the world: for justice, for a better quality of life, for stronger communities.
  • that a church is not just a virtual community, but a real, physical community. We hope that this website will enrich our life as a church, and offer you ways to take part in it - or just provide you with resources to help you deepen your faith.

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