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About Us

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We believe

. . . that a church should be a place where the generous, forgiving love of God in Christ is made real in practical ways.

. . . that a church should be a community that welcomes all people whatever their age, situation, or background.

. . . that a church should dedicate itself to the worship of Almighty God, using all the richness and variety of resources that God has given us.

. . . that we are not there yet - but by the grace of God, this is what we hope to become.

. . . that a church should work, alone and with others, for good in its community, and in the world: for justice, for a better quality of life, for stronger communities.

. . . that a church is not just a virtual community, but a real, physical community. We hope that this website will enrich our life as a church, and offer you ways to take part in it - or just provide you with resources to help you deepen your faith.

The Boathouse Alexandra Park Oldham (Peter Hyde) / CC BY-SA 2.0